The Tosques de Vilaplana ravine is formed by the union of four ravines that descend from the slopes of the old municipality of La Mussara. In this mixture of waters, the formation of the “tosca” stands out, which is the precipitation of the calcium carbonate carried by the water.

The path that leads to the waterfall in Les Tosques, is suitable for children from 4 years. It is about 7km back and forth and there are some areas with a steep slope, but it pays off once you reach the flattest area and enjoy the spectacular views of the waterfalls.

The route:

You have to reach the town of Vilaplana, from Ecocamp Vinyols it is a 20-minute drive, and leave your cars parked on Santiago Rossinyol street (near the school).

Then take the path that passes by the Font de la Creu and continue up the old path of Les Tosques, which has recently been restored. When you reach an intersection, take the road towards La Mussarra, following the signs of P.R. (Small Route) yellow and white.

In the first part of the excursion we will find typical cultivated trees such as hazelnuts and olive trees and a vegetable gardens.

Just when the path begins to climb, the landscape changes radically; oaks, ferns, ivy, do not let sunlight pass and the path becomes narrow and shady .. During the climb you can enjoy beautiful views of the Camp de Tarragona.

When the path becomes flatter, you will easily cross the Tosques river by jumping over the rocks. From here you will find waterfalls; when the river goes down with a lot of water, you can see three waterfalls.

It’s time to look for a place to rest and enjoy nature as much as you want. The way back is the same way, with the difference that it’s all downhill now!

Waterfall at Les Tosques de Vilaplana