We believe in activities as a an opportunity for everybody to connect and interact with the environment and the rural world; and to share these values ​​of coexistence and respect for each other, be it person, animal or plant, through games, collaboration and exploration.

Through the activities you are invited to participate in the daily life of an agro-ecological farm like ours. We feed the farm animals and collect the eggs; prepare the land, sow, water and gather what the orchard offers us; we harvest the fruit from the trees, beat almonds and comb olive trees; shower and brush the mare, the pony and the donkey.

On weekends, and bank and school holidays further organize gymkhanas and outdoor games, cooking workshops or homemade remedies with products from our orchard, handicrafts with materials from our environment, recycling crafts and much more!

In the summer season and on traditional holidays such as Sant Joan or La Castanyada, we complement these activities with music and live shows, circus workshops, puppets, storytelling and themed activities.

In low season activities will be done only during the week-end.

animals farm

We love, care and respect animals and plants, and consider them part of our family; our farm is a means to share these values.

Several families of rooters, chickens and chicks, along with turkeys and geese, Sofia the pony live in Ecocamp Vinyols. We feed them twice a day, morning and evening, 365 days a year, collect the eggs and take care of them.

We provide you with a blue bucket upon arrival for organic waste. We invite you to bring it along when joining the farm activity; animals love organic leftovers, but please let us tell you how, when and where to give them.

organic farm

The Ecocamp Vinyols campsite is integrated within an old organic farm called Maspubills, very common in the agricultural region of Baix Camp. The farm is certified as an ecological exploitation by the CCPAE, and we grow different fruit trees, along with almond, hazelnut and olive trees. We also grown an orchard with both summer and winter vegetables and legumes, as well as aromatic and medicinal plants.

Through activities organized all year long, you get in contact with the land, plants and trees. We collect  vegetables and cook with them, we organize workshops on aromatic plants a traditional remedies, harvest olives and almonds while teaching their properties and how to preserve them.

By the orchard you find a pond that, other than its biological function, it is home of frogs and tadpoles, but also geese and ducks’ pool. It attracts all kinds of insects which pollinate plants and help fighting plagues that affect them. It is a very sensitive environment that we all need to respect and care for. Both frogs and dragonflies eat all eggs mosquitoes lie on the pond; they prevent mosquitoes from reproducing on the campsite.

Next to the century-old carob tree you will find the old irrigation raft. Nowadays it is no longer used for irrigations; it is home to fishes eager to eat mosquito larvae! They also enjoy a little bread from time to time.

spaces for meetings

THE LARGE ROOM: Located in the main building, it is a 250m2 open-plan room with wooden flooring and a large glass wall facing south with views to the fruit trees and the pond. On cold days when the temperature drops, we warm the space with a hazelnut shell stove, giving it a cozy warmth.

It is available on weekdays during low season for your workshops, meetings, co-workings, presentations or gatherings.

The DOMO: Located between the football pitch and the quails that outline the driveway to the campsite, it is made of waterproof tarpaulin materials and UV protection.

THE WOODEN ROOM: Located behind bungalows and pitches in a calm plot, a 110m2 wooden room with acoustic isolation. Near the services building, it is an ideal place to practice gathering activities such as yoga or mindfulness.

For more information on space rentals, please contact us.

cafeteria and terraces

We care for the environment: all our drinks use returnable glass containers, we are plastic and aluminium free; if you ask for disposable cups or containers, they are made from recycled paper and composable.

The cafeteria is inside the main building, next to the reception and restaurant. With wooden flooring and glass wall, it is the social point in the campsite. There is a children’s corner with wooden and recycled toys. Teens and adults have free Wi-Fi, as well as games and magazines.

There is a raised front wooden terrace on the main building, overlooking fruit and olive trees; it is a privileged spot to spend time with your family, and relax.

Behind the building, next to the terrace of the bar, there is a picnic area, it is an ideal place to enjoy meals, in the shadow of the trees in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoying nature.

swimming pool

And when the warm weather arrives, the swimming pool and surrounding areas are filled with smiles and good atmosphere, becoming the meeting and playing place for children and adults.

Surrounded by natural grass and in the shade of almond, cherry and pine trees, you find the spiral shaped, salt water swimming pool with a children’s and an adult’s glasses connected by stairs.

Salt water sanitation is excellent for your skin and health, but damages the lawn. We kindly ask you to consider full body swimming suits for children in order to avoid (toxic and greasy) sunscreen use. You should have a shower both before and after having a bath. In order to protect the lawn from salt water, use of inflatables and water toys is forbidden.

The pool is open from May the 1st until November the 1st, or for as long as warm weather is there.

children's leisure

The whole farm itself is an incomparable setting for children’s leisure. While running or cycling, the different camping environments are covered.

Next to the pool terrace is a wooden playground made up of a small climbing wall with a bridge, slide and swings adapted for all ages.

There is also table tennis and the football field in the same space.

In the treehouse next to the pond, the scoundrel will be able to imagine and live adventures climbing on top of the carob tree.

Inside the cafe you will find the children’s corner, with drawers full of wooden building blocks, recycled toys, a piece of furniture with stories and a space with children’s magazines of different ages. We also have board games reception for family play.

we are pet friendly

Pets are welcomed to Ecocamp Vinyols. For us they are another member of the family, and therefore they can stay at all camping accommodations, as well as the main building where there is the cafeteria and reception.

Our farm animals live freely around the campsite; that’s why it’s so important to have your pets leashed at all times and to keep an eye on them.

At reception we can provide you with a bed for your pet to keep in your accommodation, bags to collect their faeces, as well as facilities to cool them during the warmer days.

The campsite is also home of two dogs, Fosca and Eco, as well as a whole family of cats. Since they are at home, they live in freedom.

Ask us about the rules for pets at reception.

map of the camping