House Rules


We are at your service to assist you and inform you about the services we offer at the campsite and the area around us: tourist information, places of interest, cultural activities and events, emergency telephone numbers, nearby medical care, and complaints and suggestions among others.


Cars shall be parked at the parking lot at the entrance. You are allowed to drive to your accommodation for loading and unloading. The maximum speed allowed inside the campsite is 10 km / h. It is forbidden to drive your car inside the campsite between 11pm and 8am.

Hours of rest

Between 12pm and 8am are hours of rest where no noise is allowed; for a good coexistence for all, please respect them.

Swimming Pool

Children up to 10 years old must be accompanied by parents at all times in and around the pool. In case of accident the campsite declines its responsibility. The use of balloons, inflatable mattresses and floating objects other than lifeguards is not allowed. It is mandatory to shower before the bath.


At the top of the estate is the old agricultural raft. It is currently inhabited by fish. It has no fence as it complies with the regulatory height regulations. However, we recommend that young children who wish to approach, be accompanied by their parents.

Orchard and fruit trees

The produce of the orchard and the fruit trees are for the consumption of the clients, restaurant and staff of the campsite. Harvesting of any vegetables or fruits is not allowed without the explicit permission of the camping staff.


The pond has a biological function. The insects and birds that come with them, as well as the frogs that breed there, protect us from pests in the vegetable garden and also from mosquitoes. For this reason it is important not to damage the wildlife, so hunting of frogs and throwing objects as well as the removal of large surrounding stones is prohibited.

Ponies and horses

These are very delicate animals foodwise. It is forbidden to feed them with any kind of food (fruits, vegetables or cooked food). Children should be accompanied when approaching horses, and never do it from behind.


It is exclusively for children between 2 and 10 years old, who must be accompanied by an adult.


They are allowed as long as they have identification and health information documentation up to date. They must be leashed at all times. Customers are responsible for their pet’s behaviour and to pick up their depositions. Dogs of dangerous breeds or crossed must wear a muzzle.


Only coal or electric barbecues are allowed in the campsite. We do have a few of them to let to customers. Ask for more information at the reception.

Washing machine

The is a washing machine at the sanitary building. The price is € 3 per washing machine and does not include soap or fabric softener. If you need, you can buy soap at the reception desk for a single use.

Chemical toilet

There is a caravans service area where you can empty your grey waters and chemical toilet. Ask at the reception desk.

Ecological and cleaning standards

In order to maintain the campsite in habitable and environmentally friendly conditions, we kindly ask customers to:

  1. Do not waste water, and turn off all lights when leaving your accommodation.
  2. Separate garbage into: organic, glass, packaging, paper and waste. All waste, properly sorted, shall be deposited in the entrance bins. .
  3. Camping area: customers are responsible for keeping their plot clean. It is not allowed to hang threads or other objects on the trees, nor to nail them.
  4. Bungalows, caravans and tents: during their stay, customers and to clean their accommodation, and leave it clean and tidy on departure. You may choose to pay a cleaning fee on departure. The current rate is € 25. In the case of loss or breakage of any utensils, please inform the reception desk.


The campsite is not responsible for theft or loss, or for fire or damage caused by third parties outside the camping staff. Take the same steps as at home to prevent theft. We ask parents not to neglect the constant surveillance of their children, in order to avoid damage to themselves and the environment.

Complaints and suggestions

In order to improve facilities, services and customer service, we ask that you notify us of any anomalies that you observe or may affect your stay, as well as any complaints or suggestions. For this reason we thank you for your collaboration completing the survey that we have at your disposal.