We believe in healthy eating with fresh, organic, seasonal and local products. A good, fresh, quality product, arrived directly from our producers, and lovingly cooked in our kitchen; we prepare your dishes at the very same moment.

Our chef Montse Queralt is part of the #slowfood-km0 community, and our cuisine follows the same philosophy of preserving the culinary culture of our region.

We believe in and defend having the same healthy and natural diet for all, including children who, as they grow, need such varied and balanced meals as adults. We offer the same dishes to adults and children, with different quantities. And adapt our offer to any food allergies or specific demands.


During the not so warm months, we use the indoor dining room: a 250m2 open-plan room with wooden flooring and a large glass wall with views to the fruit trees and the pond. On cold days when the temperature drops, we warm the space with a hazelnut shell stove, giving it a cozy warmth.

And with warm weather we move the dining room outside on to the summer dining room: a space with picnic-style wooden tables on the north side of the building, in the shade of the trees and in the freshness of the summer breeze coming from the sea. At night the space is lit with lanterns; a cozy space for our summer, dinner and music evenings.

So, either it is raining or windy, the day is cold or hot, at our restaurant you will always find a quiet and cozy place to enjoy a good meal with your family and friends.


Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and you will always enjoy varied and balances, healthy and natural meals. Everything is made in our kitchen with organic, fresh and local products. We are part of the Celiac Association of Catalonia and we adapt our offer to any food allergy or diet. Restaurant is open every weekend and on bank and school holidays.

You can also book along your stay, breakfast included, half board or full board for all your group.

Food board contracted with your stay
Adult (11+ years) Child (5-10 years) Child (2-4 years) Baby (0-1 years)
Breakfast included 5,50€ 4,00€ 1,00€ free
Half board 19,50€ 14,00€ 3,50€ free
Full board 32,00€ 22,00€ 6,00€ free

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