Children are the future to create a better world, which is why making them aware about respect for nature and the environment is essential for them to follow a much more sustainable attitude for the future of the earth and society. Teaching them from an early age to enjoy nature while respecting flora and fauna, as well as making them aware of sustainable consumption, recycling, buying local and ecological products is everyone’s business, and above all, home and school education.

An article from the “small readers’ club” recommends a series of readings to encourage children to learn in a lighter and more fun way about the values of caring for and respecting the environment, and from we found it really interesting to share it with all of you!

Titles below are in Spanish, but you can find most of them, if not all, in English and other languages.

1. “Nada de nada”, Julien Billaudeau, ed. Tramuntana (+3 años)

2. “El jardín curioso”, Peter Brown, ed. Takatuka (+3 años)

3. “Plantando los árboles de Kenia”, Claire. A. Nívola, ed. Juventud (+3-4 años)

4. “El ratón y la montaña”, de Antonio Gramsci y Laia Domènech, ed. Milrazones (+4 años)

5. “Olivia y las plumas”, de Susanna Isern y Esther Gili, Kireei (+4 años)

6. “En el bosque del perezoso”, Anouck Boisrobert y Louis Rigaud, ed. Hipòtesi (+5 años)

7. “El árbol de la escuela”, de Kalandraka (+6 años)

8. “La historia del Rainbow Warrior”, Rocío Martínez, ed. Kalandraka (+5 años)

9. “Un verano en Borneo”, Pilar Garriga y Àngels Ruiz, ed. Anaya (+12 años)

10. “La evolución de Calpurnia Tate”, Jacqueline Kelly, Roca, 2009 (+12 años)

You can find out more by going to the article link. We also leave you with another link with more stories to learn about the environment for children from Concienciaeco (eco awareness).